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Monday, October 25, 2010

OBG ( Obstetrics and Gynaecology )

Whats OBG? owh, its a department for org2 yang mengandung, nak bersalin, atau ape2 masalah berkaitan dgn wanita..

basically, its a boring subject.LOL. i wonder how those doctors studied all the bla bla bla stuff..=_=..fewhh... seriously, not interested. but, salute those who are!

so, today OT lagi..but this time, a rare one. ade lebih kurang 100 cases je in this world. i repeat, IN THIS WORLD. oh waw...=) Alhamdulillah..lucky i am!

that lady, she had a small Uterine artery. so had an embolisation for that artery. people with small uterine artery usually refuse to get a 2nd pregnancy; since there will be a risk of Post Partum Haemorrhage..( excessive bleeding after delivery ).

in 'her' case, an interesting one. She had her first pregnancy before. and it was an Anomaly..( kurang sempurna ) it was aborted...DnC was done..(dilatation and curretage)

then she was brave enough to make a decision of having a 2nd pregnancy..which, the risk is PPH, Abortion, baby may not survive upto 9 months, etc...somehow, Allah the Merciful, has got a BETTER plan for her..Alhamdulillah! she managed to get through 9 months without complication!=))

and today, another innocent male baby was born..Welcome to the world! May Islam be with u, one day..=) InsyaAllah..
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