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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

amalina allen peter~

this is for u..

i still can't believe that ur getting married...i'm so happy for u dear..

xsangke, a friend who used to lighten up my day, laugh with me, cry with me, walk with me, is already getting married in few days time...i'm so sad, that i can't be there.
i wanna hug u.really. well atleast, for the last time of u being stuck here, struggling in becoming a doctor.

and you, u have ur life by the age of 21. u have ur own carrier, ur own family, ur own income...wahh..what else can u ask for melly? u must thank Allah for all the things that u have today!

here i am, wishing u ALL THE BEST. ur wish come true..atlast, u found the man of ur life..
may Allah give u the best in life..

just, dont forget me, atleast, as some1 who walked into a chapter of ur life.i love u..n i always do..* now feel like crying again*

take a GREAT wife.

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