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Sunday, July 26, 2009

when and where?

okay people..
i got another 2 weeks for my professional exam..
how does that sound to u?

''COOL''?OR....''R U NUTS???''

i'll go for the second one..crazy huh??
yeah2...anatomy,physiology, 2 weeks time??????

the Q is...where should i begin?
and the problem is, WHEN should i start?

yah, i know..i know...
i've been spending A LOT of money these few la...mane taknye...its SALE man! paham2 jela sale kat india ni camne kan...HEAVEN. tp kan baru hbs exam.ape salahnye!( 2 weeks longggg,MENYEKSAKAN!)

but back to the topic.when and where?
haiihhh...dah start melepak ni yg payah nak start balik nih...smalam je dh hbskan 3 movie.;p petang tu g b4 nye g tgk wyg, n got myself baju esprit and kasut soles.
berjuang tasha!(hehe...ayat poyo)
but somehow,bile flip through my answer sheets dat day, i felt like i could have done better. but still, alhamdulillah.thank you Allah. He always knows the best..>.<

so,ape lagi?get back on ur track lahhh!!!start with something simple.then it will bring u to bigger things.

''nothing is easy. only u,urself who can make things easier.others can only talk not DO.''

there's a future worth fighting

Saturday, July 25, 2009

attention or ignorance..

growing up without a father through out my life,made me an independent girl today..*tough enough* i suppose...with a mother who is very strict on me..we are not like those 'lovy dovy' mother-daughter relationships...we dont really share things inside our,being the only child fo 15 years, i used to keep my feelings to myself....

sick,sad,mad,happy...all alone inside...its just i do share it with my nenek sumtyms..;)

well, being a very lonely girl throughout my childhood,made me realize...
how important a man is to a woman's life...

she can never stand alone....although most of the times she could...
like who i am today, is becoz of my mother...
but still, i need that someone...
someone who could be there with me..through my hard and easy times...
through sadness and happiness....
i know, im not as great as mother...who could do everything on her own...

i want attention as i hardly get it from mother through out my life...
that's y sometimes i tend to be soo demanding...(i know its bad)...but i want it badly...from the one i love..

today,im 20..
everytime i feel neglected i'll turn to someone...someone who i call my 'bestfriend forever',who means more than the world to me..that SPECIAL SOMEONE..
but sometimes,expecting too much,brings me down.that leads me to a worst feeling of being neglected...;(
sometimes he just couldnt be there for me when i need him most...
cant even do simple things that i KINDLY ASK.
the more i know him, the more i hardly understand.

sad.yeahhhh....get so em0 right now...
y cant we be just like others.HAPPY.UNDERSTAND.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

hujan,matahari dan pelangi.

Alhamdulillah, hari ni habes dah exam theory 3rd IA.


tu yang aku boleh kate wat mase lah.mane x benj0l pale otak aku nih.straight kowt exam seminggu.xde BREAK LANGSUNG.

gila kan?memang gila.

but still,

mungkin bukan yg cukup baik untuk aku hadapi exam kali ni.
exception utk paper 2 biochem!
mmg salah aku la.xbace kan.
yang lain2,insyaAllah pass.

everytime bile aku down, aku ingat satu ayat kat dlm Al-Quran nih,

'Manusia hanya mendapatkan apa yang diusahakannya'

and thats what made me keep going on.thank you Allah for giving me strength.

skg nih,all i can do is keep praying for good results.

plus,focus for the upcoming FINAL PROFESSIONAL,next week ade practicals...aiyooo....

so,what i did today???

td pas exam,terus kuar.g GARUDA MALL. tgk transformers dgn member2.
da best part is,exam habes,SUMMER SALE GILER2.but i end up finding nothing that catch my eyes.
then,kitorg pon g la mkn2.tgh2 mkn tuh,terase nk tgk harry porter pulak.
tapi,tgk list,harry porter dah sold out.
dgn gatal nye,nk jugak g tanye pakcik wayang tuh,

'Excuse me sir,is Harry Porter still available?'(padahal dh terang2 tulis SOLD OUT!)haha...

suprisingly,ade!and mmg cukup2 7 org...wahhhh!!!rezeki!terus aku beli 7 tanpe pk due kali.haha.

yang anehnya INDIA nih,tgah2 tgk movie tuh,after 1 n half hour xpasal2 die behenti. break la konon.pekejadahnye ntah.dah la tgah climax!tp pas 5-10 minit,die sambung la blk...

whatever it is, TRANSFORMERS BEST TAHAP harry porter kurenggg skit lah....slow skit flow die...

owh ye.INDIA dah masuk musim winter.GILER SEJUK AH! tidor pon menggigil.nk amek wudhu' pon kalau boleh nak guna air panas.(gedik giler)...haha...
but somehow,i like the weather...cold day =)
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