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Sunday, July 26, 2009

when and where?

okay people..
i got another 2 weeks for my professional exam..
how does that sound to u?

''COOL''?OR....''R U NUTS???''

i'll go for the second one..crazy huh??
yeah2...anatomy,physiology, 2 weeks time??????

the Q is...where should i begin?
and the problem is, WHEN should i start?

yah, i know..i know...
i've been spending A LOT of money these few la...mane taknye...its SALE man! paham2 jela sale kat india ni camne kan...HEAVEN. tp kan baru hbs exam.ape salahnye!( 2 weeks longggg,MENYEKSAKAN!)

but back to the topic.when and where?
haiihhh...dah start melepak ni yg payah nak start balik nih...smalam je dh hbskan 3 movie.;p petang tu g b4 nye g tgk wyg, n got myself baju esprit and kasut soles.
berjuang tasha!(hehe...ayat poyo)
but somehow,bile flip through my answer sheets dat day, i felt like i could have done better. but still, alhamdulillah.thank you Allah. He always knows the best..>.<

so,ape lagi?get back on ur track lahhh!!!start with something simple.then it will bring u to bigger things.

''nothing is easy. only u,urself who can make things easier.others can only talk not DO.''

there's a future worth fighting


Fauzana said...

I love this post.
And yup, there's a future worth fighting for. You go, Tasha!!! :)

*LAdy.taShA* said...

thank u popo!

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