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Friday, April 30, 2010



lame sgt rasenye xbloggin...smpai terbuku byk perkara di hati...

so, many asked me, why suddenly Herbalife??

here's the story..;)

one morning, looking at the mirror,a thought came to my mind..''Mama said u're too thin..not just mama, but everyone around u..''

yeah right..memang la..i LOST 5 KGS in a week of exam kot...i pun dunno why..of course i was

i ''thought'', i eat a lot...but xnaik2...why ahh??
like i said, i THOUGHT..haha... heart tergerak to go for Herbalife..and the best person to talk to is, Amalina Allen Peter...haha...i actually went to Herbalife Bangalore's main office first, then i called her...haha..!! she was suprised though..;p

after talkng to both Malaysian and Indian Herbalife independent distributors...I made my decision on going for Herbalife's Gaining Weight program...Alhamdulillah...Allah show me the way..;)

Melly kate'' gaining weight xmcm losing weight ye will take some time...climbing up a hill is tougher than rolling down it..''

true..very i have to be PATIENT..very2 patient..insyaAllah..


few days later, once again, Allah opened my heart...on something i realised i needed...He knows Best..masyaAllah...;)

i thought of joining Herbalife and become a distributor..a part time i went there again, Herbalife's office..signed hadiah Allah tu bkn mudah..xpsl2 dorg nk affidavit from India's court pulak...(padahal xperlu ponnn..=_='') xpe2...i said to myself, there must be a reason for this...naik turun auto la aku 3 hari berturut2...habis klas, trus g mahkamah, then g last, dpt jugak jadi distributor yg sah..;)))

at first, it was kind of hard for me..mcm2 dlm fikiran...nnt ape kate org? nnt mesti dorg perli2..bla3...
until 1 point, i said to myself, its NOT them who showed u the way, its believe in Him..;)) He decides on ur Rezeki..not others..;))

dah genap 11 hari aku jadi herbalife distributor...
Alhamdulillah, again and again, Allah bukak pintu rezeki yg luas seluas-luasnya utk aku...sebak rasenye...for all the sins i had done, He is still, and always there for me..

i prayed to Allah,''dear Ar-Razak, let this be a good thing for my iman, and faith....let it be a good thing for my studies,future and hereafter...''

p/s: i can't wait to go for Herbalife trainings!!!

anyway, its better to prevent than to cure..

so why not become a 'Preventor' and a 'Healer' at the same time? Allah knows the Best..;))

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