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Thursday, July 29, 2010

HOPE, a word faith behind it

ok2...i know dh nk citer jugakk...=) been quite bz sedikit tekanan mental..


okay..last saturday...which was 24th of July 2010...i joined this program named HOPE..membawa misi ''towards a healthy life''...kami ( pasukan Hope ) pun pergi la ke skolah New Noble English High School...

Skolah ni menempatkan budak2 dr umur 3-15 tahun...*note: kids in india hbs high school at the age of 15...that means dorg start pre-U by age of 16...sbb tuh specialist kt India nih
MUDA2 belaka..jeles kami sbg doktor Malaysia..huhu..ok, back to topic.. jd kami pun merancang pelbagai
aktiviti utk budak2 nih..( bdk2 3-5 tahun saje..yg 15 tahun tuh ade sesi motivasi khas )


- senam aerobic ( chicken dance + Jai Ho dance )
- melukis cita2 masing2 pada kertas kosong
- webcam rosak ( ala2 telepon rosak, tp melukis )
- musical chair
- sesi berus gigi dgn btul
- susun gambar aktiviti harian yg btul

best taw! tak dpt nk gmbrkan betapa best nya dpt bergaul dgn culture budak2 sini..mereka sgt sporting and happy go lucky! the best part is, mereka sgt fasih english even
seawal umur 5 tahun! power gila susunan english mereka!

owh2, and the best part is, guru besar skolah tuh, perempuan Muslim! Alhamdulillah....*note: bkn mudah utk wanita Muslim di India bekerja...mereka masih dgn pemikiran 'wanita tempatnya di rumah selepas berkahwin'...sad thing isn't it? xpe...masih ade kaum wanita yg nak berjuang seperti Headmistress nih! im proud of u!

here are some pictures!

till then! bye!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A gift from a lovely Friend!=)

Thank u so much Melly! for such a lovely gift and words of wisdom with it...=)

Allll from Malaysiaaa..(she bought it at Herbalife Extravaganza Singapore)~
akan ku simpan hingga hujung nyawa!

Love u!

Monday, July 5, 2010

i love weekENDS!!

owh2!! im excited!! weekend kali nih sgt best!!
my weekend begins on Friday! weeee...why Friday??

err...i bunk my Friday class!! oh...i m glad i did!!=p no regrets!

so, FRIDAY WAS MINE..ALLLLL Patho skit siang tuh...mlm tuh lepak umah Fayy...besh2! tgk tv kt umah die..mkn2 kt umah die..

Saturday, hmmph...woke up early...(early ke? it was 11 am od when i woke up..ngehh) owh2, lupa nk ckp..i bunk my posting today too!!! see, how awesome my weekend??
then i got myself ready for SPLASH!!!yes!shopping timee!!!

bought few clothes...xbyk pun....lame je lebih kat situ..haha...but it was fun shopping!!after a few months xpegi Splash tuh!jd jakun tgk semua..dah la on SALE!!my my...rambang mata!

then i went to Mantri Mall, to tgk wayang actually..more specific, TOY STORY 3..( India mmg lmbt terima foreign movies..) tp lmbt sgt!i still have 5 hours to wander around..=_='
so end up, watching STORM WARRIORS..o.M.g!BUHHSANNNN nak mamposss..its Aeron Kwok okayy...isn't it suppose to be interesting?? but seriously im telling u, it
SUCKS...bluweekks...wasted my money on the tickets!!!urghh..

somehow, i was still unsatisfied for not watching Toy Story 3!

so.....i went to Mantri again!!!on SUNDAY!=)))) just to watch TOY STORY was WORTH IT!!!! thank gilaa!!! u guys yg blum tgk, u better go NOW!! lol..lebih2 pulak
owh2, shopped again..this time kat MOTHER EARTH...SALE 40% oooo...everything was worth it! bought some stuff for my room..SAVVY!=)

i really2 had a great weekend!

* me having SWENSEN"S!!! *

and u know what? i have another sunday! becoz India has this kind of ceremony thingy, and everyone is on holiday this Monday!!plus, they say ade strike about the harga petrol naek,watever...(i dont hv a car or bike..i dont care..HAHA)...wee~

till then,bye!

Friday, July 2, 2010

i need a break!

Who said 2nd year is much better than 1st year??? *roll eyes*

CRAZY. yup. thats the word that describes best about 2nd year..

u people must be asking why.

u see, who doesn't go crazy if u have TESTS almost every week! VIVA every week! SEMINAR every week!
owh god..see?? where's the time for my hangout and buang masa for myself??sobs3..=(

my my..i miss my 1st year...there were only 3 subjects! i still have time to sleep 8 hours..and lepak2 some look what happen to my 2nd year??even worse,there are 5 SUBJECTS!!

tgh hari- break for only ONE HOUR
ptg- clinical at hospital until 5 O'CLOCK u know!

* i reach home by 6! my my....=_=
even i have clinicals in hospital on alternate saturdays..grrr....

really, i enjoy medic..but not the hectic in it!! i really hope all these will bring me something good oneday..

i need a break lah..seriously...i wish i could fly home right now..have some fresh orange with char kuew teow..*berangan*

im gonna have PATHOLOGY test on this monday.AND IM NOT EVEN DONE READING IT!!

ok.gtg.i think i wanna take a nap.bye

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