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Friday, July 2, 2010

i need a break!

Who said 2nd year is much better than 1st year??? *roll eyes*

CRAZY. yup. thats the word that describes best about 2nd year..

u people must be asking why.

u see, who doesn't go crazy if u have TESTS almost every week! VIVA every week! SEMINAR every week!
owh god..see?? where's the time for my hangout and buang masa for myself??sobs3..=(

my my..i miss my 1st year...there were only 3 subjects! i still have time to sleep 8 hours..and lepak2 some look what happen to my 2nd year??even worse,there are 5 SUBJECTS!!

tgh hari- break for only ONE HOUR
ptg- clinical at hospital until 5 O'CLOCK u know!

* i reach home by 6! my my....=_=
even i have clinicals in hospital on alternate saturdays..grrr....

really, i enjoy medic..but not the hectic in it!! i really hope all these will bring me something good oneday..

i need a break lah..seriously...i wish i could fly home right now..have some fresh orange with char kuew teow..*berangan*

im gonna have PATHOLOGY test on this monday.AND IM NOT EVEN DONE READING IT!!

ok.gtg.i think i wanna take a nap.bye

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