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Monday, July 5, 2010

i love weekENDS!!

owh2!! im excited!! weekend kali nih sgt best!!
my weekend begins on Friday! weeee...why Friday??

err...i bunk my Friday class!! oh...i m glad i did!!=p no regrets!

so, FRIDAY WAS MINE..ALLLLL Patho skit siang tuh...mlm tuh lepak umah Fayy...besh2! tgk tv kt umah die..mkn2 kt umah die..

Saturday, hmmph...woke up early...(early ke? it was 11 am od when i woke up..ngehh) owh2, lupa nk ckp..i bunk my posting today too!!! see, how awesome my weekend??
then i got myself ready for SPLASH!!!yes!shopping timee!!!

bought few clothes...xbyk pun....lame je lebih kat situ..haha...but it was fun shopping!!after a few months xpegi Splash tuh!jd jakun tgk semua..dah la on SALE!!my my...rambang mata!

then i went to Mantri Mall, to tgk wayang actually..more specific, TOY STORY 3..( India mmg lmbt terima foreign movies..) tp lmbt sgt!i still have 5 hours to wander around..=_='
so end up, watching STORM WARRIORS..o.M.g!BUHHSANNNN nak mamposss..its Aeron Kwok okayy...isn't it suppose to be interesting?? but seriously im telling u, it
SUCKS...bluweekks...wasted my money on the tickets!!!urghh..

somehow, i was still unsatisfied for not watching Toy Story 3!

so.....i went to Mantri again!!!on SUNDAY!=)))) just to watch TOY STORY was WORTH IT!!!! thank gilaa!!! u guys yg blum tgk, u better go NOW!! lol..lebih2 pulak
owh2, shopped again..this time kat MOTHER EARTH...SALE 40% oooo...everything was worth it! bought some stuff for my room..SAVVY!=)

i really2 had a great weekend!

* me having SWENSEN"S!!! *

and u know what? i have another sunday! becoz India has this kind of ceremony thingy, and everyone is on holiday this Monday!!plus, they say ade strike about the harga petrol naek,watever...(i dont hv a car or bike..i dont care..HAHA)...wee~

till then,bye!


sitisyazwan said...

awak shopping super duper byk okey:) saya tgk mcm errr...byk gila:) tp awak lme dah kn xshop?hihi

i love weekend i love hols lh...haha

*LAdy.taShA* said...

haha! i love BOTH! wee~

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