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Sunday, January 8, 2012


People have been asking,''how was your new year?''

I must say,BEST of all.=) yup, the best.

well, 2011 was a 'mind-changing' year for me. it was the year when I started to think about life most. Think about future, career, and believe it or not, Family. All in all, 2011, buat aku lebih matang. Alhamdulillah.

2012, tahun yang semakin mencabar utk aku. I will be graduating in MBBS in 2013 insyaAllah. maka, dalam masa 2 tahun ni, I have to prepare myself, as possible to become an extraordinary Muslim doctor. Also, insyaAllah, have to prepare myself of becoming a good, solehah wife, in 2 years time.;)


so, back to the question, How was my new year?

Guess what, instead of celebrating it in the typical new year way, me and my 4 other friends, decided to have it differently this time.

We actually decided to go for ONCALL!! yup! indeed, it was the best one ever! Alhamdulillah, no regrets. Although, we ended our new year celebration by 4 o'clock in the morning. Lantak lah orang nak kata skema ke, gila ke. so what? i want to become a good doctor. im sacrifising my time.not urs. and its worth it.=)
The doctors and staffs even asked, ''why don't you go and celebrate your new year with your friends? go home...''

''haha..don't worry..we are here to celebrate our new year with all of you!''

weird.but then they smiled.''ok, lets have it together..=)''

Right after we watched the fireworks outside the Emergency department, suddenly an auto arrived. They were shouting for help once they saw us, who were welcoming our 2012. ''Help! Help!''

OKAY. honestly it was my first time going through such an experience. I was actually stunned. Not knowing what to do. the next thing i knew was, i went into the casualty ( emergency department) and shouted for help from the doctors and staffs inside. they rushed in with the patient on bed. did an ECG, but asystole. He was dead. SERIOUSLY, my very first 2012 patient, was PULSELESS. that was the time, when I knew, how bad it actually feels, to have ur patient dead. I felt useless. what was I doing? gosh, Allah knows, that unexplainable feeling. of being in shock and stupid at the same time. tapi,tapi,tapi, time tu lah, terfikir,Allah dh tetapkan semua ni.siapa aku nk halang yg dah tertulis.=(

Next, we got a child around 10 years old. came with patches of burns on his body, shaking, shivering. ECG was useless as he couldnt stop shaking. at first we thought he got himself burnt from the crackers. But, we were absolutely wrong. He was unfortunate to touch an open wire in his house. and got an almost sever electrical shock, that he got himself thrown off the apartment. Fell down right on the ground. can u imagine how strong could the power be?? He couldnt stop shaking!! he was in total shock! the paeds doctor rushed down to the casualty, checked everything. and got the boy admitted to the ward that night.

And then we got patients with severe chest pain. well of course as a casualty personnel, first thing in mind would be, Heart attack.but ECG will first confirm our thoughts.

The 'best' part of all, patients of Road Traffic Accident ( RTA ). one came with lacerated archilles tendon. which I think, if he tries to walk a few steps more, he could break his tendon! his upper inner lips was badly lacerated. like almost terputus! the amusing thing of all was, he didnt even feel any pain! guess why? he was drunk. LOL. I bet he would scream out loud the next morning, once the alcohol thingy wears off.

there were actually quite a lot of RTA cases that night. no need for me to explain everything. * u know how bad RTA patients could come with.*

oh oh! the most exciting part of all! I GET TO DO MY VERY FIRST SUTURING ON REAL PATIENT EVERRR!! hihi..Alhamdulillah for the memorable 1st Jan ever..=)) and the patient didnt realize that i was suturing him, because he was also DRUNK. drunk= no pain. but once the alcohol wears off, rasakan!LOL
thats why Islam forbids us from drinking Alcohol. because it cause u more harm than good itself!

no need for me to conclude. as u can see, my new year celebration was AWESOME!

oklah, tired already. need to have a good sleep, good rest on weekends. Night all!!
owh, Happy New Year!

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