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Friday, January 14, 2011

Clown helps women in getting preggy??

Yep. BADUT. they help in women's successful pregnant rate!

Sterility and Fertility Journal came out with this news today. It was a study done by a group of people. i mean, doctors.=)

They call it 'Clown Care'!

funny facts isn't it??haha..i find it
It was a research conducted on 220 women who undergone IVF ( in-vitro fertilisation ),showed that higher rate of success in those who were entertained right after the implantations of embryo in their womb.

36% from the entertained group had successful pregnancy, while 20% are from those who were not.

Isn't that a big difference???!

now u people must be asking WHY and HOW does it work!!

have u ever heard about this phrase? - LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE.

ahaaaa...remember or not?

people who opt for IVF are those who had problems in getting pregnant. indirectly, this problem causes STRESS!! yelah, sape yg tak tension bila xleh mengandung secara normal kan?? sedih taw! tp sesungguhnya Allah lg Maha Mengetahui..=)

so, ape kaitan 'Si Badut Medic' ni dgn mengandung?? haa, bile kita gelak, kite happy kan?? bila kita happy, Happy hormones pun secreted dlm bdn kita kan? so, xde lah stress. Researchers membuat conclusion yang Less Stress, Higher Rate!! MasyaAllah.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

January, Laa Tahzan.

Yes its January. 1st month of 2011. indeed, bukan lah bulan yang memberansangkan. no no

1) i had my wisdom tooth extraction on FIRST DAY of the year

2) My cats HAD worm infestation. yep.WORM.cacing? but dont worry, they dont infect me as human. Cat worms only infects cats. so do human worms. plus, skrg dh oke more cacing sbb dh bwk g Vet for deworming.
ade gmbr cacing tu kat tahi xmaw lah ltak.nnt korang tgah mkn, loya pulok.

3) My adek baru masuk sekolah darjah satu. and dah banyak buat hal kat sekolah.mcm2 komplen dah cikgu bagi. haiih.. susah hati kakakmu yang jauh ni..kesianla kat mama tu.jangan bagi mama susah hati boleh takk???

4) Exam Final 2nd year MBBS dah makin hampir. and i have a lot to catch up. for those of you who thinks jadi doctor ni senang, i shall say, COME HERE AND BE ONE. sape kate handling humans life tu senang? sape kate memahami ciptaan Allah yang terhebat ni senang? Hanya Allah je, yang master setiap inci badan anda! Subhanallah.blaja lah 100 tahun pun ilmu ni, tak mungkin habis dikaji, dihafal, dan difahami 100%. betapa Allah itu sempurna sifatnya.=')

sape kate dunia xperlu doctor? heyy, kalau takk, mane nak cari perawat di medan perang? kalau ko jage kesihatan 100% sekalipun, kalo ko jatuh kat longkang, luka teruk, patah kaki, mane lagi ko nk pegi? klinik/hospital lah kan? bukanlah nk kate doctor ni HEBAT. sebab sesungguhnya, kami ini hanya merawat dgn ilmu Allah. and, sembuh/not tu semua, datang dari Allah. ubat-ubatan? punnn dari Allah. after all, Allah kan kate in Quran, for every pain, there's relief.=)

psst, untuk sape2 yang berniat nk jadi doctor tuh, think WISELY.think TWICE. kenapa? sbb jd doctor ni AMANAH untuk masyarakat dan agama. ingat, bukan senang nk pikul amanah.

5) banyak sangat lagi dugaan yang datang in 1st month of the year nih...hati ni rase berat sampai kadang2 rase tak tertanggung. Ya Allah, u know my heart's crying.begging Mercy from You.=(
murah kan laah rezeki ku Ya Allah.

and yes, Allah will not burden one's heart, unless he affords it. Give me strength dear Allah.pls pls pls.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hows your new year?

Mine was terrible.=_=

Okay fine la.that night g tgk fireworks and all kat rooftop. FYI, Fireworks yg kebaboom sume tuh are LEGALLY LEGAL in INDIA. awesome kan?? i know...hehe...that means, kitorg dpt tgk bunga api yg mcm kt KLCC tu, right from our x?=)

now here comes the terrible morning:

Exam end-posting for Surgery department. aiyoooo...horrible kan? org new year sedap2 cuti.tido dlm selimut ketat2..aku kena bgn awal, get ready for which case, I WASN'T READY.=_=''

smpai2, dpt lah case mcm post entry aku yg sebelum ni..history taking, bla3...end up not satisfied with my performance..(cehh, kate xbersedia..mmg la xpuas hati...pdn muka hang!)

after exam, trus naek autorickshaw g dentist. for what???

sumpah scary.=_= mase anaesthetic xsakit sgt...mase nk cabut the
tooth from mandible tuuu....Allah je la yg tahu...! sakit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is why my wisdom tooth has to be extracted

and and.....after few hours anaesthetic pun hilang......u know what? its DOUBLE the pain! even until now! haihhh...
doc suruh i makan COLD+SOFT food..and kena kumur dgn warm salt clean up the food yg stuck in the holes..( lubang bekas root of the tooth ) will take few weeks for the holes to close completely...

now i look like i have BEGOK. coz my jaw swells so big!

what a new year kan!!!!! grrrr....sob2..=(

i bet your new year must be great!HAPPY NEW YEAR!=)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Buerger's disease.

Also called as TAO. Thrombo Angitis Obliterans. It is the inflammation and thrombosis of the small and medium Arteries and veins.

Patient 30 years old, Male presented with the complain of an ulcer since 2 n 1/2 years back. Started from the size of a coin to the present size. It is associated with pain and pus discharge. He's a chronic smoker for 5 years.No history of trauma over the area.

Ulcer: sloping edge, with muscle as the floor, and Calcaneum bone as the base.

Management: -Debridement
-Skin grafting
-Arterial by pass

Why diagnose TOA?
- it occurs predominantly in men,
- age 20-40 years old
- mainly caused by chronic smoking

p/s: pictures are showing a healing ulcer, as he has been admitted here for 1 week. Debridement has been done.

*i actually got this case for my Surgery exam today.
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