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Friday, January 14, 2011

Clown helps women in getting preggy??

Yep. BADUT. they help in women's successful pregnant rate!

Sterility and Fertility Journal came out with this news today. It was a study done by a group of people. i mean, doctors.=)

They call it 'Clown Care'!

funny facts isn't it??haha..i find it
It was a research conducted on 220 women who undergone IVF ( in-vitro fertilisation ),showed that higher rate of success in those who were entertained right after the implantations of embryo in their womb.

36% from the entertained group had successful pregnancy, while 20% are from those who were not.

Isn't that a big difference???!

now u people must be asking WHY and HOW does it work!!

have u ever heard about this phrase? - LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE.

ahaaaa...remember or not?

people who opt for IVF are those who had problems in getting pregnant. indirectly, this problem causes STRESS!! yelah, sape yg tak tension bila xleh mengandung secara normal kan?? sedih taw! tp sesungguhnya Allah lg Maha Mengetahui..=)

so, ape kaitan 'Si Badut Medic' ni dgn mengandung?? haa, bile kita gelak, kite happy kan?? bila kita happy, Happy hormones pun secreted dlm bdn kita kan? so, xde lah stress. Researchers membuat conclusion yang Less Stress, Higher Rate!! MasyaAllah.


Hanif Borhan said...

aren't Clowns are sometimes annoying & freaking us out?

tambah2 bila watak Clowns ni kadang2 ada di'featured'kan dalam movie2 seram.kan?

*LAdy.taShA* said...

haha..yup..bila dorg jdkan watak tu watak seram..yeah, it can be annoying if the clown xtahu the right way to buat lawak.haha

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