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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hows your new year?

Mine was terrible.=_=

Okay fine la.that night g tgk fireworks and all kat rooftop. FYI, Fireworks yg kebaboom sume tuh are LEGALLY LEGAL in INDIA. awesome kan?? i know...hehe...that means, kitorg dpt tgk bunga api yg mcm kt KLCC tu, right from our x?=)

now here comes the terrible morning:

Exam end-posting for Surgery department. aiyoooo...horrible kan? org new year sedap2 cuti.tido dlm selimut ketat2..aku kena bgn awal, get ready for which case, I WASN'T READY.=_=''

smpai2, dpt lah case mcm post entry aku yg sebelum ni..history taking, bla3...end up not satisfied with my performance..(cehh, kate xbersedia..mmg la xpuas hati...pdn muka hang!)

after exam, trus naek autorickshaw g dentist. for what???

sumpah scary.=_= mase anaesthetic xsakit sgt...mase nk cabut the
tooth from mandible tuuu....Allah je la yg tahu...! sakit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is why my wisdom tooth has to be extracted

and and.....after few hours anaesthetic pun hilang......u know what? its DOUBLE the pain! even until now! haihhh...
doc suruh i makan COLD+SOFT food..and kena kumur dgn warm salt clean up the food yg stuck in the holes..( lubang bekas root of the tooth ) will take few weeks for the holes to close completely...

now i look like i have BEGOK. coz my jaw swells so big!

what a new year kan!!!!! grrrr....sob2..=(

i bet your new year must be great!HAPPY NEW YEAR!=)

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