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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Buerger's disease.

Also called as TAO. Thrombo Angitis Obliterans. It is the inflammation and thrombosis of the small and medium Arteries and veins.

Patient 30 years old, Male presented with the complain of an ulcer since 2 n 1/2 years back. Started from the size of a coin to the present size. It is associated with pain and pus discharge. He's a chronic smoker for 5 years.No history of trauma over the area.

Ulcer: sloping edge, with muscle as the floor, and Calcaneum bone as the base.

Management: -Debridement
-Skin grafting
-Arterial by pass

Why diagnose TOA?
- it occurs predominantly in men,
- age 20-40 years old
- mainly caused by chronic smoking

p/s: pictures are showing a healing ulcer, as he has been admitted here for 1 week. Debridement has been done.

*i actually got this case for my Surgery exam today.


Anonymous said...

tasha. seram sgt la gambar2 ni. x sanggup aku nak tgk. naseb baek aku ni misi gigi je. btw. happy new year

*LAdy.taShA* said...

happy new year to u too zafirah! lame gile kite xjumpe!=)

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