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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Luna is a cat.

Yes, its my cat.=))
Recently i bought i cat..a tuxedo cat! CUTE one of course! dila and pokjak have two local female cats. both of them mated with my other friends persian cat.

so......PERSIAN + LOCAL cats = HALF PERSIAN kittens!!!!

that means, my cat Luna, is a half persian cat..=))

at first, i was doubting about the idea of having a cat. Asked mum, and she kinda didn't agree with it. but then she said,'' up to u lah.. ''...ahaa....up to me..lg la bertambah doubt dalam hati! ciss... but even if she said no, i would still consider of having one..HAHA...

then, sementara tunggu the kittens habis menyusu dgn mak dia..which is in a week time, i pun doa la..doa kat Allah...if having a cat is a good idea, then ease me..if not, xpyh la...

then after 1 week, i decided to buy it from my 3000 rupees..ok what price die kan? huhu..half persian kot...pure persian kat sini ranges from 15000-30000 rupees taw tak..see the difference???haaa..i think its worth it..whatever..

Last friday after dinner, i took her..=) she's such an adorable little cat! so adventurous!lol..lebih2 pulak..


-suka tido dgn i. always woke up in the morning with her beside me.=)
-when she's sleepy at night, she would climb over my study chair and sit on my lap, then fall asleep. that's when i know she's sleepy..=))) so adorable kan??
- she likes to kacau me when im asleep and she had enough sleep.=_= so unfair.
- she is almost 3 months age already. and dah pandai makan solid Whiskas Junior! huhh...jimat duit i xpayah buang duit bli wet food Whiskas yg mahal..skali skala xpe lah..hehe
- she like to play with my leg after i had my shower.especially in the dah lmbt nk pegi kelas, die lg buat lmbt!
- her favourite toy/games; my Langkawi keychain, paper toss and of course, my LEG.=_='
- and...she loves YUKI! my friend, Mai punya kitten..adik beradik die jugak la..obviusly we bought it from the same owner..haha

ini lah Luna yg Comel, nakal, dan sgt2 adorable....


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