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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tangisan seorang pesakit.

Hari ni aku start posting kat department surgery balik. ( we have rotations )  EXCITED. tak tipu.=)
i love surgery. InsyaAllah, by Allah's will, that's what i want to specialize into. ameen.

Lepas aku present the case, Doc demo la skit2 cara nak examine Inguinal Hernia patient tu. Patient tu dah tua.Penuh uban di kepala. Mungkin sebaya atuk2 kita semua.

Patient was a Tuberculosis patient 30 years back. 1 year ago, he had left inguinal hernia. 5 months back, he got right inguinal hernia pulak. and thats why he came. A poor man like him, knows nothing about all this. All he knows is, he need to see a doctor, if the swelling occur on the other side.

Then, doc suruh aku demo balik ape yg die ajar tadi. When i was doing some test on the patient, he suddenly broke down. He cried. Cried, because he was so worried, about anything wrong with him this time.

Ye la, seminggu ni,student doctors asyik datang and learn examining hernia on him.  Layman like him, must be very worry, when all the doctors kept on coming examining him. If I were in his place, I would definitely be worried.

He cried. Saying sorry to the doctor and me. He can't go on with the examination. He asked the doctor, holding his hands tightly. '' Is there anything wrong with me? ''

Sebak la jugak aku kat situ. Guilty pun ada. Pitty apetah lagi. tapi kena act professional lah. takkan aku pun nak meleleh kat situ.

After that, Doc pun explain everything to him. that everyhting is fine. The students came here just to learn. Not because there's something serious going on with him. Doctor comforted him nicely. Patting him at back. and he was fine again. So we said sorry for making him worried and uncomfortable. Then continue our discussions in the office.

Itu saje sharing aku for today.

* These things I learnt, are making me not just a good doctor,but also a better human..

p/s: The stories I share hanye sekadar perkongsian perjalanan aku in becoming a doctor. Bukan untuk mengaibkan siapa2.=)


faiz ck said...

kesian kan tgk these laymen esp yg miskin2.....aku pun byk blaja pasal life from this we should be grateful and how we should be humble..thanks tasha nice post !

*LAdy.taShA* said...

btul tu faiz....working around unfortunate people in india, makes me realize...there's so much to be grateful of in my life. kerendahan hati doctor2 and patient kat sini, buat kita rase malu untuk berbangga dengan kelebihan yang ada..

Ashraf said...

dah follow blog anda =D

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