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Sunday, November 7, 2010

deepavali di India ITSELF.

well, seperti yg anda tahu, saye ini student medic India...tak lah hebat mane...tak jugak teruk mane..I learnt a lot about life,here. ;)

So, back to deepavali. kat sini, the celebration is quite different rather than in Malaysia..( pun tempat asal die kann...). In the daytime, taklah meriah mane. i dont know..maybe i just dont see them visiting each others dgn meriahnye like we do in Hari raya..huhu..all i see is, people are wearing beautiful sarees crossing the

but but but....the best part of deepavali in India is...the night time celebration!! i tell you..(actually,mula2 best..lame2 adoih!)...guess what? its fire crackers raining all over city!!i mean, EVERYWHERE IN THE SKY.EVERYWHERE. feels like new year! fyi, Firecrackers are LEGAL in india. trust me, they can sell all the ratus-ratus ringgit crackers everywhere along the road.NO body stops them from selling it! and,...its bloody cheap here in India!!! in Malaysia, its sooo expensive..and ILLEGAL..haha..see the difference?? they play all sorts of bombs! even kids as small as 5 years old, dah pandai maen bunga api yang kebabom!!

the good thing about them is, they dont play it in the wrong way,sampai mencederakan diri sendri...u know what i mean..Malaysians always got themself into hospitals on Hari

with the colors and sparks and all...waaaahhh...deepavali is lively here!! and the saree sale, its crazy i tell you! textiles here are undeniably awesome.come here if u dont believe me.u can go crazy!shop til you DROP!

till then.xoxo.

1 comment:

Safwanah Azmi said...

picture pliz!
want to see the colourful side of India.. ;)

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