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Sunday, October 23, 2011

4th year- medical student

Lama sgt dah tak blogging. naik sawang. heh.

So much that i've been through. No words could describe it. well, lets get back to the topic.

diam tak diam, i'm officially a 4th year medical student now. Alhamdulillah. pantas masa berlari. tak terkejar.

Opthalmology, ENT, Community Medicine, POOF. habis mcm tu je. bukan nak kata senang. tapi yg sebenarnya, system kolej disusun balik. Those 3 subjects, is no more considered as  the core subjects of 3rd year. so, my studies ended mcm tu je.tup tup, masuk 4th year. takde final exam pun for 3rd year. RELIEF la jugak..hehe...

because of that, kitorg dapat excuse seminggu yang mengejut. Transition week katanya. well, too last minute for big holiday plans!

balik malaysia? last minute tickets are effing expensive! so my friends and i decided to go for a short trip to HAMPI.

ever heard of HAMPI?? Unesco Heritage yawwww...i'll tell you the details in the next entry ok?;))

so, that's it. I'm OFFICIALLY a 4th year Medical Student!!! wohhhooooooo!!!

*cough2* Bujet suke lah tuh. tak sedar diri subjek 4th year gile HARDCORE punya susah.

Obstetric and Gynaecology!
Surgery!( my fav of all ) bahahahhaha....*DIE*

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