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Monday, March 21, 2011

Rokok rokok rokok

okay, hari ni aku kuar makan. tgah2 dok makan tu, aku nampak satu family ni.

anak lelaki dua orang.

mak rugget gilerrr. rambut punk blonde. pakai police shades.

bapak biase2 aje.

guess what i saw?

depa dua2 tgah dok isap rokok. asap bekepoi-kepoi. what say YOU people out there?

''alaa, lepak ahh..bukan anak2 merokok ponn''

''ishh, teruknyeee...''

''cool gilerrr'' choose.imagine the kids inhaling the smoke from TWO smokers around them EVERYDAY?

TWO.not ONE. even if its one, THATS BAD ENOUGH for the kids.agree?

if the parents kill the kids with a knife, what say you? getting what i mean?

''gile ke hape bunuh anak sendiri!''

yup.mmg gile.

so what about the idea of killing the kids SLOWLY, day by day, creating the risks of cancer in them? or even cutting down their IQs? them having asthma? even worse, they could be like this:

COOL enough to see your child doing your own mistakes? and so do your generations? I bet, you will cry in the grave, regretting your very own example during life.

so, back to the topic. Imagine what will happen to those 2 kids? I wonder.

so guys, please2 never ever get yourself into smoking. not even trying it. You want the girls to see you so COOL? SORRY, killing us, and our kids are NOT COOL AT ALL! especially bila hang mati awal sbb merokok. tinggal anak bini terkontang kanting. sungguh tak bertanggungjawab!=_=

so now tell me, what's so cool about smoking?

list down the good things about smoking.

list down the bad ones.


after all, your sperms will go lesser and lesser! so blame your bloody ciggarrrrrrette for being STERILE!

thats all for now!till then!

1 comment:

annis said...

i agree with u :)

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